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Lovely piece of writing. I feel encouraged as as I begin to edit a smallish book I've just finished writing - Everyday Mystics.

Judith Lynch, an 80 plus Aussie reader

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I really enjoyed this piece. I was fortunate to go to a reading in Missoula, MT a few weeks ago where DJD read from Sun House and Jeffrey Foucault played music to accompany and punctuate the readings. It was wonderful and heart-filling. Thank you for spreading the word about this book--it is a wonder.

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Hey Paul.

Thanks again for continuing the practice. I really appreciate it. Your articulation draws me in your content keeps me coming back.

I have read quite a few of your recommendations and we'll I just downloaded Sun House and am excited to lose myself.

My favorite conversation you have recorded has been with Tessa. I'm not sure exactly what it was but Ive gone back to that well for a drink when thirsty.

Keep mining?

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I'm with you and Merton.

The hermit life IS cool.

I too have pilgrimaged to the oasis that is Tessa and Fr. Dave's (lovely) upstairs/downstairs hermitages and now I'm rethinking my life choices. It was a long, quenching drink (sazerac? tequila? what is this heady cocktail anyways?) from that desert holy water font that invites the newcomer to get comfy and stay awhile (ok, if you insist....).

I'm returning to take the waters later this month.

As ever, this post was delightful, thought-provoking and lingers.

Thanks, Paul.

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I cannot wait to read Sun House. And Judith Scully's Everyday Mystics, as well! Thank you, Paul, for your newsletter-- it's always a Soul-Vitamin in my inbox.

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Sun House is now firmly on the Christmas wish list!

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