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Thanks for this and thanks for sharing your community’s rule and how that rule may or may not take shape for you as a parent. As a mom of two and one on the way who works from home and homeschools (I mean really, just a parent in the world) I’ve wondered if and how it might be possible to work towards a life of contemplation. I know it’s possible, I had some contemplative rhythms before child two came along but it can be so easy to let it feel impossible in the noise of the everyday. Carving out quiet and silent communion can’t just be for the monasteries.

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Carinn, you nailed it. The work of parenting is contemplative at its core (not that everyone needs to approach parenting that way). My sense is that a flexibility and grace amidst one's Rule keeps the conversion and conversation of life vibrant. I have to dance with the integration of the Rule depending on seasons of family life. Raising a toast to your contemplative dance!

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